Worksheets for Feature Extraction & Image Processing

In a way, these are the electronic forms of the book, in Mathcad and Matlab. They miss out on much of the theoretical explanation (especially the Matlab ones) as well as many of the pictorial descriptions, but give you working versions of many of the techniques described in the book. If you haven’t got Mathcad, we also give a link to a free Mathcad viewer. This is Mathcad8 based, so the worksheets are in two forms: Mathcad2001 (the normal ones) and Mathcad8 (the ones with mcad8 inthe name) There is a student version of Matlab, available at low cost.

Complete set of current Mathcad worksheets (11MB zip file)
(Mathcad14, Mathcad2001 and Mathcad8 - the last for Explorer) and images.
If you can’t get them working, it includes HTML versions.

edges.m, maxsupr.m, cont.m and NextPixel.m (2KB zip file)
Matlab book edge code

Complete set of current Matlab scripts and images (~50KB zip file)
Complete (zipped) set of Worksheets

got math?   Mathcad Explorer (.exe file) - Mathcad worksheet viewer
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Somewhat stung by a review on Amazon ("the book only contains Mathcad" ... doh!) that one of the worksheets didn’t work, we checked them all out: they work perfectly (as they have for years now). Note that vision techniques are not a panacea - the wrong set of parameters can make a technique fail easily. The worksheets now include Chapter 7 which got forgotten before. There is an error in that worksheet, the normalising function in the non-working graph is the magnitude of the d.c. component |Fcv0| which throws Explorer, not other versions (just add in magnitude to rectify) and the older version of Chapter 5 is correctly split into Chapter 5 and 6. I have some lecturing versions I use as well, just email me (msn) and I’ll send them.